Have your convertible looking its absolute best

Whether it is a classic muscle car convertible or a newer model, make sure the top on your convertible doesn't leave you wet when inclement weather blows in.

From simple tears to complete restorations, the professional staff at Deluxe Auto Top and Trim can get it done for you at a competitive rate.

Let the wind blow through your hair, and keep the rain out

Let's face it, most of the time you will have your top down on your convertible as you cruise down the highway.

However, when the stray storm does blow in, you want to make sure your car looks as good with the top up as with the top down. Bring all of your convertible top repairs and restorations to us.

Take care of your entire convertible; make sure the interior of the car looks as good as the exterior. Take a look at our interior replacement and restoration services page for more information!

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    • Convertible top repair
    • Convertible top replacement
    • Heavy duty trucks